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Applying Meditative Awareness:
8 Solutions for Difficult Life Situation


What do you do when you hear some upsetting news or experience some upsetting emotions? Use modern technology for your benefit!

Now you can click on this iPhone App in order to easily meditate and help relieve your stress and overcome destructive thoughts and feelings. You will receive insight as to how to better deal with the difficult situation in a more relaxed, easy, and peaceful way.

If you are having difficulty meditating or just want to enjoy the ease of turning on a recording and having it direct you in your meditation, this app is for you. Shree guides you into eight 7 minute meditations that can enable you to meditate most easily. After you download this free app you can click on any of the topics on your iPhone and sit and listen. You can also purchase the You Meditate Podcasts that will deepen your practice and expand your awareness of how to deal with these difficult situations.


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