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From the moment I picked up the first volume of Genesis Dawn “I was hooked”. Through your beautiful narration of all the chronological facts, your search for the ultimate answer after thrashing around and experimenting with solitude, family, teaching etc, coming to the conclusion that what Swamiji had to offer resonated with you. I loved the way you have pieced so many episodes amongst the various interactions that took place in a very readable and absorbing way, all along keeping me abreast with your own mental churning and evolution through your consistent meditation. Thank you, I look forward to reading your subsequent volume(s).
Dr. Arun Kumar, New Delhi, India


Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self
Non-fiction, soft cover, 260 pages

“Every chapter, rather every sentence, carried me away from the world of anxiety and miseries and filled me with joy.”
— Professor Rameshwar, Ph.D., Kanpur, India

Brijendra's writings and music present us with insights into the Vision of Oneness and the practice of meditation. His prose and poetry, songs and muse-letter all reflect a lifetime dedicated to meditation and immersion in the Vision of Oneness. Each expresses his sense of the reality of the Eternal Self and exalt the knowledge of the divine. Unique, beautiful, and inspiring works.

A candid and insightful glimpse into Brijendra's spiritual and sometimes humorous quest initiated in 1971 when he met his guide and guru, Swami Shyam, in Vancouver, Canada. In the course of telling his personal story, this book presents us with insights into the Vision of Oneness and the practice of meditation.

It is the story of the Canadian beginnings of what was to become Shyam Space, or the International Meditation Institute, of Swami Shyam. Through anecdotal drama, insight, and philosophy, along with indications about how to practice meditation, the reader travels the early, inner journey of those mostly young seekers of the Vision of Oneness.

“The other aspect of those initiations that I remember quite clearly was the astounding, unqualified love with which Swamji would talk to me and the utter unity I felt with him in that moment. When I was with him, I felt both that he knew me completely, more than I knew myself, and that he accepted me without reservation and loved me more than a human being could love. A human being might love me for this or that quality, but Swamiji quite simply loved me because we were one. It was not that he had to tell me this, I knew it, could see it and feel it. It was an acceptance and love far, far beyond even that of a mother for her child. It was complete and eternal, for it had no beginning and no end; and it existed independently of all qualities and happenings because it was the self-luminous being of the Self itself.”   
Brijendra, Genesis Dawn: I Meet Myself

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Genesis Dawn II: Getting to Know My Self
Non-fiction, soft cover, 572 pages

In this sequel to Genesis Dawn: I Meet My Self, Brijendra recounts how his life unfolded as he began to integrate the teachings on meditation and yog philosophy he had received from his Guru, Swami Shyam. Genesis Dawn recounted the events of the six-month period in 1971 when Brijendra and others met Swami-ji in Vancouver. The present book picks up the story after Swami-ji left Vancouver for Montreal in September 1971 and ends in 1978 with Brijendra living with  Guru-ji  in Kullu, Himalayas. Throughout the unfolding story, we experience the continuing thread of this Western yogi’s pursuit of the truth and his absorbing love for his Guru. This yearning for the fulfillment of human existence draws the story on, through incidents and glimpses into Swami Shyam’s teachings, as Brijendra and others experience and incorporate them into their lives. The emphasis throughout is on meditation 
and the unfoldment of true Self-knowledge. 

He led us into meditation: "Now, close your eyes and know you are the pure space behind your eyes. That space is not limited; it is not just the space inside your head. It is one everywhere. I'll be quiet now for some minutes. Just watch the Space."

I was filled with a sense of his magnificent, unwavering awareness of the Self. It was not something he simply talked about; he was one with the Self, and he spoke about what he was.

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Genesis Dawn and Genesis Dawn II

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No Man But Spirit Pure          —Sold Out—
Poetry, soft-cover booklet (30 pages)

A poem expressing the awareness that our true nature is one, indivisible, eternal consciousness.

Himalayan skies absorb my head: through calm azure, white-roiling cumulus, thunder, lightning, midday heat, evening breezes, soft showers and hard hail...constant change, even when still. It is all Me. And Me, permeating all, unseen, unknown, and yet the very Self of knowing, I watch and know, an infinite Knowing Sky My Self; and through my form, sitting in the garden, the flow of verses, consciously fashioned to reflect the One in discovery and illumination, insight and glory, through metered verses, pentameter, iamb, enabling the unformed to undulate in form for sake of recognition and joy in knowing our own Self.
— from the forward

Excerpt from the Poem

No man but spirit pure, unborn you are,
Where all are your own forms of playing light:
One light alone, the Self of each being;
One vision alone, the sight of seeing.
You are the light of every form of light,
Then how can you be only body bound?
Recognizing your highest state of Self,
You, indivisible, pure consciousness,
You, knowing form, are never bound by form.
For body, mind, and world are never there
As separate, permanent forms of life;
But all is one life, one light of pure bliss.
You the bliss, You the everlasting Truth—
Then find that You, the essence of all this.
Knowing you are no separate sense of self,
You live your undivided Self, all bliss.
You love the forms of being that are You,
For they are none but You, your lasting Self.

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Heart of the Cave - Poetry
(Available from the publisher)

Written during his 24 years in the Himalayas, Heart of the Cave inspires spiritual pursuit, giving expression to the aspirant's exploration of the depth of the Self.

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CDs by Brijendra

Your Self Me

Uplifting songs for unfolding the vision of Oneness. Brijendra's poetry put to his own music, these songs range in style from folksy ballads to lively country rock. All of them express the poet's sense of the reality of the Eternal Self and exalt the knowledge of the divine. Unique, beautiful, and inspiring songs. Performed by Brijendra along with friends in India.
Read a Selection of Lyrics

Includes: Strolling, Touch the Sun, Travelling, Trailing Glory, The Call of Your Heart, It's up to You, No more Aroving, River of Love, Why Do You Wander?, All Around the World

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Meditate, My Dear Mind
Poetry and Song

During a satsang (group meeting) in 1989 in India, Brijendra presented a copy of his long, meditative poem "Meditate, My Dear Mind" to his Guru, Swami Shyam. Swami-ji immediately began to read it out loud and after some time called upon Brijendra to read the rest of it. Fortunately, the impromptu performance was taped. Later, it was mixed with some music to create this recorded performance. Around the world, meditators have listened to and meditated upon this unique creation of poetry and song that reflects a lifetime dedicated to meditation and immersion in the Vision of Oneness.

Poetry written by Brijendra. Read by Swami Shyam and Brijendra. Music by Brijendra, Peeyush, and Mayank.

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