Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Seminar with Shree
Saturday, Aug. 20th, 9 AM - 5 PM, Delray Beach, Florida

Shree returns after three years in India for this rare and special event which will feature her direct presentation of the knowledge of Transformation Meditation. This seminar will be an invaluable experience for health professionals, teachers and students of yoga and meditation, or anyone wanting to learn how to teach meditation, improve their teaching skills and to unfold the highest awareness in themselves and others.
Here's what you will learn:
  • How to talk about and lead meditation techniques to groups and individuals
  • How to teach the knowledge from the Patanjali Yoga Sutras
    (The vision of Oneness)
  • Praanaayaam (breathing techniques) a 10 minute a day program for yourself and how to teach it to others
  • Relaxation and stress management, what are the key elements and how to guide people in these methods
  • Communication skills for talking to people, individually and
    in groups
  • Overcoming anxiety in public speaking and speaking from the meditative awareness
  • How to promote your services as a meditation teacher, coach
    or guide.
A certificate of achievement will be awarded from Transformation Meditation for all those who successfully complete the Transformation Meditation Teacher Training* as well as a special certificate of achievement for this teaching seminar. The seminar tuition is $95.00 plus your registration for the Teacher Training Course. You will receive a $20. rebate after you register for both the Teacher Training Course and Seminar together. For those who have already completed the Teacher Training Course you can just register for this seminar and you will receive a certificate of achievement for completing this seminar.
Transformation Meditation Seminar, Saturday Aug. 20, 9 AM-5 PM at the Quantum Healing Center, 12 SE 5th Ave., Delray Beach, Florida.
Tuition $95.00     
$120. The day of the seminar, if still available.
Please register early as space is limited.

Coming from out of town?

The Colony Hotel is walking distance to the Center with special summer rates.
View their video.

* If you haven't completed the Transformation Meditation Teacher Training then please register for that too, as the manual, CDs and Course quiz will be required for you to receive your certificate of achievement. If you have already completed the Transformation Meditation Teacher Training Course then you will receive a new continuing education certificate for completing this seminar.

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