Lyrics from Your Self Me

by Brijendra


All Around The World

My Lord, ever free, won't you hear me.
My soul like the night is still and quiet.

Peace and love shine in your home
Where my heart's flame burns forever.

My Lord, I'm your child born in this world.
Please hear my prayer that peace should reign on earth.

All around the world your lovers call your name
And meditate that love will reign forever.

My Lord, in your heart your light burns forever,
But here in our minds we need your rising sun.

Dawn is rising now as you shine on this earth
Lighting all the people with your knowing.

My Lord, ever free, we meditate on thee,
Praying that your light will shine in this night


Call of Your Heart

The call of your heart melts the walls of your mind
You think you are alone as these changes unwind.
You feel your all alone when there is nobody home
But it’s Oneness you feel all along.
The call of your heart sings its love to your mind
But you are never alone as these changes unwind.

The tree though it stand alone
Is firm in the wind and the rain.
The weather and rocks are its home
It gives to all with no thought of gain.

Firm in the winds of change
wherever this soul may range.
I’ll abide in love
All my life long.


Copyright © 2004, Robert W. Eaton