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Dear Self,

It is a new year, a new vision and a new beginning. A new and fresh light of consciousnss and highest awareness is shining in the hearts and heads of those that tune into the space of purity and freedom that we find in meditation.

As the world has experienced an economic downturn many people are now wondering how to remain balanced, fearless and worriless with all the appears to be happening around us.

The knowledge of the meditative awareness given through meditation classes and instruction is needed now more than ever. To assist you in your practice and to develop this much needed service of creating more meditation instructors, we are offering a special payment plan to help you register for our courses.

We are aware that in these strained times a new power and energy can arise from within you to practice that which is the highest for your Self and the planet by unfolding the Vision of Oneness and sharing this with others. Becoming a meditation teacher can give you a new therapeutic modality to increase your professional skills and training and give you a new income source as well as assisting others to remain happy and at ease in these troubled time. This is the best formula for your success in all areas of life.

Thanks again for all your support and appreciation. We are truly inspired by all your course evaluations and comments and are happy to share them with everyone in our newsletter so that everyone can know how they can benefit from our books, CDs and courses.
Namaste and warmest regards,

Sherrie Wade (Shree)

Comments from Students
and Graduates

TThis course is wonderful. I will tell everyone I know about it. Gabriella Wofford, Woodbury Heights, NJ

As A long time meditator and mental health practitioner I deeply appreciate this course in its clear design, pure intent, depth of knowledge, and generosity of spirit. There is a profound need for the teaching of meditation in  therapy and this course goes a long way to facilitating this. I look forward to more courses. Thank you.
Joan Lieberman, M.Ed., Boca Raton, FL

Doing this course felt like a meditation in itself. Brijendra´s style of writing and way of speaking have helped me to tune into a level deeper than the intellect. It feels like the Sanskrit word sounds open up the gates to the Sacred. I feel very enriched by the whole experience of this course.

I am very pleased I did this course as well as it complements and deepens the Teacher training meditation course. For me both courses form a unity and it might be helpful for future students to know this more explicitly. I know you offer a discount if you enroll for both courses at same time  but maybe some more information on the link between these two courses  could be helpful.
I happened to discover your two videos on utube. Well done! They are very clear and rich in content.
Emiel Honnay, Teruel, Spain

I find your course so informative and very easy to understand. Especially for a new teacher. I love it. Thank You.
Ramona P. Shainheit, Hainesport, NJ

I enjoyed the course very much. It was concise, informative, and very user friendly. Nicole Tofflemire, Laval, Québec
Enjoyed the manuals,  Edith M. Reich, Delray Beach, FL

Excellent course very well written and easy to follow! Thank you Sherrie. Carl Denton, Leicestershire, UK

I highly recommend this course. It was informative, well presented and will be extremely useful to me personally and professionally. Thank you.
Laura Sucher, Brunswick, NJ

This course was such great value (Doubt Free Meditation Foundation Series)! I had done the teacher training one, as i have meditated for the last 11 years.  However, doing this one as well, was great as it explained some of the terminology and basics very simply, clearly and using FAB analogies.  Thank you!
Mirva Bennetts, Pymble, Sydney, Australia


Special Easy Payment Plan
 Available through March 31, 2009

For the entire first quarter of 2009 we are offering you special easy payment plans on our downloadable Teacher Training and Essence of Patanjali courses. Course materials will be available to you within 24 hours of your first payment.

You can register for the downloadable version of either of the Teacher Training or Essence of Patanjali course and pay just $22.00 per month for 4 months.
(Your credit card will be charged monthly. Your certificate will be awarded after tuition is paid in full.)

You can register for the downloadable versions of both the the Teacher Training and Essence of Patanjali Courses together and pay just $38.00 a month for 4 months.
(Your credit card will be charged monthly. Your certificate will be awarded after tuition is paid in full.) Click here to register for the payment plan

(Sorry no refunds with these offers)

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We invite you to take part in our offer for the Transformation Meditation Satsang Podcasts and Forum. With your membership you'll receive the first Three Free of our weekly Satsang Podcasts recorded in the Himalayas. 

You will also have exclusive access to our Transformation Meditation Satsang Forum, where you can interact with other meditation students and teachers from around the world. You can post your questions and comments and get feedback from others with the same interests, and benefit from their invaluable experience.

"The format you are offering for your Podcast is incredible. I listen to them three or four times during the week and get more out of them each time. The new ones are great and they are getting better and better. Each time they build and build and they take me right to nirvana."
Anthony Calvelo, JD., Jupiter. FL.

Subscribers will receive an email each week when the new podcasts are posted: Four Podcasts will be available for you to download within 24 hours of your subscription.

The four current topics of the Satsang Podcasts are: 

1. Oneness is Your True Nature,
     by Shree

2. Experiences Have a Beginning and
    End, by Brijendra

3. Freedom from Disturbing Thoughts
    and Feelings, by Shre

4. The Human Being is in a State of
     Imbalance, by Brijendra

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Download this audio recording (mp3 format) and listen with eyes closed in the comfort of your own home or office.

On the recording, Shree gently guides you into meditation through the sound of her voice and the words that carry the meaning of the space of highest consciousness. Listen to this everyday and experience the profound nature of who you are as the absolute Self––forever, pure and free. Peace and bliss are forever shining inside, you just need to take the time to allow yourself to experience it directly.

The Cause of Uneasiness and Pain
by Brijendra

(Excerpt from the Essence of Patanjali Home Study Course)

By understanding the nature of the human condition, we gather together the tools for becoming free of the limitations of that condition. Patanjali presents the idea of sanyog, identification, as the mechanism of human consciousness’ becoming caught in limitation, and all the discomfort of that state of limitation. The idea of sanyog is a key idea, presented in the second chapter, that helps us to get a sense of exactly what is it, as human beings, that we are caught in, especially given the fact and the growing awareness and realization that we are utterly pure, infinite Self, that our true nature is infinite, indivisible, immortal Self.

Then what on earth is this phenomenon that a human being does not feel that way? We have discussed to a considerable extent avidya, the forgetfulness or ignorance of the Self that takes place, and all the consequent klayshik ramifications, blockages, turbulence that go on in the human mind, under the influence of this initial, illusory understanding that form is reality and not the underlying essence—as in the example of the ocean: that the wave is the nature of reality, not the ocean. In forgetfulness of the ocean in the midst of following the interest in the waveform—to know this wave and this wave and that wave, in that flow, vyutthaan flow, outward flow, following form—we overlook the fact of the infinite ocean, which is the source of the wave, and the sustaining power of the wave.

So avidya is the ground in which all of the human problems are growing, which means ignorance of the Self is the cause of all subsequent human conditions, assumptions, conclusions, confusions. To enter into this further, the sage brings up the idea of sanyog, mixture, the mixture of one thing with another, a knot, two things, two threads knotted together. That knot, the mixed state of two otherwise distinct phenomena knotted together as if they are one, is sanyog. How does he come up with the idea of sanyog? It happens in the course of discussing the klaysh; the five klaysh: avidya, asmitaa, raag, dwaysh, abhinivaysh—ignorance, I-sense, attachment, aversion, and fear of death. These five powers at work in the human mind give rise to experiences and conclusions and to the whole build-up of the sanskaar chitt, the mind as it is conditioned and shaped by successive experiences. The store or backlog of recorded experiences is the sanskaar chitt, which means the mind full of sanskaars, recordings. And now those recordings influence future experience; they act as a kind of screen or filter that begins to judge and create future experiences.

Then some experiences will be pleasurable, based on life-supporting actions, and some will create great uneasiness, based on life-destructing actions. And a human being finds him- or herself in a rolling unfoldment, all based on this sanskaar/klaysh mind, creating patterns, being caught in patterns, conditioned patterns. The result is pain, dukh, in a general sense. Not necessarily just physical, emotional, mental, situational, it is uneasiness, discomfort; simple one word: pain, dukh, sorrow.

Patanjali specifically addresses what is the cause of this pain, and presents the answer that the pain is caused by sanyog, identification of the Knower with the known. This idea of sanyog is key, because every human being wants to be free from pain and wants to live in easiness, blessedness, happiness, joy, love, and does not want to live a state of incessant struggle and uneasiness. People don’t mind activity, but they don’t want this inner uneasiness. So he is pinpointing that sanyog, identification, is the immediate cause of pain, identification of the Pure Consciousness with what is being known. The whole cause of the pain lies in this phenomenon. He gives the name sanyog for that phenomenon, meaning that it is a mixture taking place of two powers which actually are quite distinct.

The two powers are the power of prakriti, which is the power of the creative, dynamic energy to create form, and the other power, Purush, which is the Pure Consciousness, eternal, unchanging, the Pure Being, the Pure Consciousness, the Pure Existence, the Pure Bliss. These two are totally different in their nature. One is completely unchanging, blessed, pure; the other is incessantly changing. Prakriti is incessantly undergoing transformations, formations. And Purush, the Pure Consciousness, is constantly watching, is eternal knowingness, Pure Consciousness, and is never actually involved, though watching and knowing.

But in the course of knowing, a phenomenon takes place in the field of prakriti, as if consciousness becomes totally involved with the prakriti. It is as if the Knower, the knowing consciousness, becomes a form in this act of knowing, and in doing that forgets: “I am the pure Self, ever free, uninvolved, eternal, immortal.” Suddenly it is: “I am a body, I am a mind, I am these eyes, I am these ears—these five ways of knowing. I am this.”

This conviction, this conclusion that the I, which is actually Purush, utterly free, is the vehicle through which knowing is occurring, is called sanyog. It is a pervasive assumption. It occurs the moment the absolute Self, Purush, knows something. And from there on it is all sanyog: down through the mind, emotions, senses, body, right out into the field of forms. The drishtaa, the Knower is mixed with the drishya, the known. Drishtaa, that which sees, the Seer, is knowing the drishya, the seen. And in the course of that, the knowing consciousness, the drishtaa, knows itself as a form. So now my body, at the physical level, is the drishtaa. My eyes are the drishtaa, even ears are the drishtaa, the senses are the drishtaa. And subtler than the senses, the mind is the drishtaa, and subtler than the mind, the ahankaar, or ego, is the drishtaa. So there occurs this phenomenon of making a unity between two things which are never a unity. The prakriti, this dynamic power of formation of forms, is actually insentient. It is just a power of formation. The sentience lies in the one knowing: Purush.

The Essence of Patanjali Yog Sootras Home-Study Course will give you the key to the system of enlightenment or Kaivalya (Oneness alone). For more information and to register for the course Click Here.

shree photoKnow the Blissful Knower Through Meditation

by Shree 

It is known by all intelligent people that meditation is of great benefit to all of those who practice it. Even so, few practice regularly to gain the wonderful benefits. Why?  Those who are not taught meditation correctly may find it hard to adopt a new behavior, even though they know it will be good for them. Lifestyle patterns are hard to break without the proper guidance, inspiration and structure. Many people have tried to learn meditation by listening to an audio recording or reading an introductory description  or the technique of meditation and this has left them in a quandary about how to practice correctly.  They may ask: "What am I supposed to experience? Am I doing it the right way? My mind keeps thinking thoughts so how can I stop it?"

A great deal of information that is available now regarding meditation is incomplete or confusing. Many people, after unsuccessful attempts, think they cannot meditate. Since their mind is always filled with active thoughts, they conclude that they're unable to become peaceful or free from thinking - their lifestyle and schedule are just too busy! Also, meditation philosophy is often associated with religious, ritualistic or monastic practices which can be impractical, uncomfortable or confusing to the average person. Most people just want to learn to relax and become peaceful. The deeper aspects and understanding of meditation - although obtusely delineated in ancient scriptures - are difficult to comprehend and assimilate into a modern lifestyle without direct and sustained instruction from a seasoned meditation teacher.

The basic techniques of meditation are, fundamentally, very simple. They can be easily written about in newsstand magazines. But trying to practice these simple techniques, without adept knowledge to guide you, is like trying to cook a recipe with the list of ingredients but no step-by-step directions. The list of ingredients alone is not be enough information to help you make a delicious meal. Likewise, reading about what constitutes a meditation technique - the basic ingredients - may inspire you to try but, ultimately, lacks the step-by-step guidance and encouragement to sustain and mature your practice.

Meditation is often taught as a technique of relaxation. Because the meditative state cannot be known directly by the mind, one cannot experience it fully by using a technique only meant to quiet the mind. In fact, peace cannot be found permanently on the level of the mind. The mind’s job is to think and generate thoughts so it cannot always be peaceful. A higher mind must be unfolded through the purification of the lower mind. The Knower of the mind, must be revealed to you in your meditation.

The mind of a human being has many functions and abilities but it can also limit your ability to remain peaceful and free. The Pure Being that you actually are, when the mind is not engaged in thoughts and objects, is always peaceful.  The Pure Being is unchanging, however, because of the nature of the mind, which covers one's true Self  you cannot know the peace that is forever shining. To directly know this unchanging peace you have to experience the subtler aspect of any meditation technique. And this subtlest practice is to directly know that Being or Knower that you already are.  This is found at the source of your mind, which is the true Self, forever peaceful. Whether you are attending to it or not, the Being that you are is forever and does not change. Only the mind and thoughts change.
When you are in deep sleep you are not engaged in your mind and thoughts. You do not have any worries, concerns, fears, anxiety, physical pain or suffering of any kind. From this you can see that all the troubles come to you as result of waking up and engaging your mind in your thinking. As soon as you wake up you become an I, or an ego personality that has a body and a mind. Then all your superimposed conditions, beliefs, ideas, credentials, relations and possessions re-appear, just as they disappeared when you went to sleep the night before.

Through the practice of meditation you can inquire into the true or unchanging l. The I which is not only the mind and the body that is known in the waking state or the dreamer's I in the dream or the nonexistent I in deep sleep, but is the Knower that knows that you have a mind and a body, that knows that you were asleep and that knows that you were dreaming. This Knower is the unchanging consciousness as it remains throughout whether you are awake, sleeping or dreaming. When you know the Knower, which is the real or unchanging I or Being, then you are in the meditative awareness  which is now called the  Fourth State of Consciousness, or Higher Consciousness. It is the unchanging blissful state that you also experience every night in deep sleep but when you are asleep you cannot function so you do not experience what is called your world. When you are awake and the Pure Being or Knower, knows the Knower, then you are in Fourth State of Consciousness which is meditation. The Fourth State of Consciousness can also be lived while you are awake.  In this state you use your mind and body as tools to experience the world but you know that you are the Knower  of your mind and  thoughts so then the mind does not have power over you. You  gain mastery as the covering of the mind is removed and you are left with your true Self.

This transformation in meditation will bring about all the results that you want in terms of peace, happiness, joy and freedom. You will live your life in the flow and current of the highest knowledge and that will guide you and allow you to remain established in peace and create whatever you need in your life. This is the only true freedom as it is not dependent on health, wealth or relationships, as the bliss of the Knower is self-effulgent.  The  Knower Self is one without a second, the Vision of Oneness. You can compare it to the sky but it is vaster than the sky as it is all creative power and all unmanifest power. It is You. So know the blissful Knower in your meditation and this power will unfold as It has always been with you, it is You

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