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On the Teacher Training Home-Study Course:

Sherrie Wade has devoted her professional and personal life to meditation as a Way of Life and her teaching program called, "Transformation Meditation" reflects that sincere dedication and devotion. It is thorough, complete, and totally professional. It is a step-by-step method that covers every possible challenge or question anyone could ever have, and it has stood the test of time - the system has been field tested for years and proven to be effective with hundreds of students. If a college degree in Meditation existed, this program would be the equivalent of a Masters Degree in Meditation. I highly recommend Transformation Meditation.

Sarena S. Morello, MS
Psychotherapist (# MH 215)


I found the "Transformation Meditation Home-Study Teacher Training Course" to be both helpful and fascinating at the same time. The techniques taught in Transformation Meditation not only bring the student to a point of ease, they also introduce him or her to the goal of discovering one's own inner consciousness. The structure and content of the course are such that the student gains both practical experience in meditation, a broad knowledge of the its benefits, and the ability to become an effective meditation teacher. All the material necessary for becoming a teacher of Transformation Meditation is clearly presented and easily accessible to both the health-care professional and the layperson. I congratulate Sherrie Wade on the contribution she has made to the physical and mental well-being of so many people.

Glen Kezwer, Ph.D.
author of Meditation, Oneness and Physics


Sherrie, I really enjoyed taking this course. I have been studying and teaching yoga and meditation since 1974, and always incorporate meditation in my yoga classes and private sessions. I also teach weekly classes on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Your course gave me a deeper understanding of the yogic underpinnings of meditation, provided useful summaries of research that will prove helpful as I present yoga and mediation in the medical community, gave a very useful outline for meditation courses, and enriched my personal meditation practice.

Charlotte Chandler Stone
Director of Stone Yoga
Teaneck, NJ.


I have earned a master's degree in philosophy, wrote my thesis on Buddhism, published four articles in scholarly philosophy or psychotherapy books or journals on Vedanta or Buddhism. Thank you for the fine Transformation Meditation materials I received several days ago! They are an excellent, comprehensive introductory guide to the science of meditation, deeper meditation practice, and methods for teaching meditation and developing a livelihood as a teacher of meditation. The lessons are full of clarity, insight, understanding, and compassion for the human condition. I am blessed to have received this gift and the opportunity to share it with those in need.

With deep gratitude and best wishes,
Don Matesz , MA, Vedant Philosopher
Toledo, Ohio


Goodbye, headache.

Meditating calms the mind and emotions so that you can experience a state of peace and tranquility, according to Sherrie Wade, a licensed mental health counselor. She isn't exaggerating. When you are in a state of deep meditation all the problems of the day float away. I've gone into mediation with a pounding headache and come out cured.

Excerpt from Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Friday Sept. 23, 1994 by Charlene Varkonyi


As a long time meditator and mental health practitioner I deeply appreciate this course in its clear design, pure intent, depth of knowledge, and generosity of spirit. There is a profound need for the teaching of meditation in therapy and this course goes a long way to facilitating this. I look forward to more courses. Thank you.

Joan Lieberman, M.Ed., Boca Raton, Florida


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On the Essence of Patanjali Yoga Sutras Home-Study Course:

Your Patanjali CDs are masterful!! They are just so valuable to me, and I find it difficult to find the words which fit the value I place on them. If I came home to a house fire and I had time to save a couple of things - well, yes.

Very very precious! I sit down to one of your CDs once a day as part of my daily practice and every time, without fail, I am transported straight to the space. Of course the material you are working with is the best, but I just want to appreciate the understanding, spaciousness, and skill with which you have created these documents. They are my most precious tools of sadhana!

With much appreciation and love,

Jonty Barraud
Filmmaker, New Zealand


Although I have been meditating for ten years, I have never had such a profound and direct experience until listening to these Patanjali CDs. My deepest gratitude and thanks go to Brijendra for his CDs. They are the greatest tool that one could possibly have for deeper meditation, as well as for gaining so much knowledge and many practical methods to Self- realization. I can't thank him enough! 

I went home to meditate but felt that I needed something to listen to that would help me get into a more relaxed space. I put on one of the Patanjali CDs that I had just purchased. I sat in meditation and listened to Brijendra's voice describing the various states of samaadhi. After just a short time of listening, I began to go so deep into the space that he was speaking about. His voice truly has that affect on me. I decided to lie down, after some time. As he was describing the states of sampragyaat samaadhi, I was still following him, but after that, I just went into a dimension where there was no space, time, or physical experience. It was as if I was no longer confined to the structure of my physical form. My self was everywhere, free as the space of the sky.

After about an hour or so, (I realized later) I again felt myself as a body form. I took several deep breaths to feel myself as the grosser physicality that I normally call me. I repeated the mantra - amaram hum, madhuram hum (I am immortal, I am blissful.) Something profound had transformed in me as now, although back in the experience of my body and mind, I felt totally free and easy. This realization was very clear to me now, I am immortal l — not confined to the physical form only. I will never die — I am one with the space, as I had experienced that directly through my meditation. I now felt revived, as it I had been somewhere and now was back. The fearful me, that I had always known prior to this meditation was now gone, forever! I am blissful. I now know myself as the sky — pure, free and forever!

Yuli Matzliah
Tel Aviv, Israel

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On the Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Home-Study Course:

The course presents the essential teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. It does not go into the minute details of the multifaceted tapestry of its philosophy, but instead provides the student with an intrinsic understanding of the broader picture of what the Gita has to say. It begins with a summary of the place of the Gita in the story of the Mahabharat, outlining the development of the feud between the Pandav and Kaurav brothers, and the events that lead up to the great war between these two families. This sets the stage for the dialogue in which Krishna imparts his knowledge to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

The manual contains an interesting section on the often-vexing question of why the Gita is set against the backdrop of war, and whether it promotes or denies the undertaking of war as a valid means of settling disputes. The author presents some views which are of importance in today’s conflict-ridden world. Of particular interest is the author’s contention that the war in the Gita can be taken as an analogy for the struggle that goes on in the head of a human being between the thought that takes him towards his higher, evolved, subtle nature and the thought that takes him in the other direction.

The Gita is a book of symbols. The main characters – Krishna, Arjun, Dhritaraashtra, the Pandavs, and the Kauravs – represent many levels of understanding, and the author has done a commendable job of elucidating these. Specifically, Krishna stands for enlightenment and Arjun represents humanity striving to reach that ultimate state.

The fifth chapter of the book describes the basic teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in light of four principle paths or yogas: knowledge (gyaan), action (karm), devotion (bhakti), and meditation (dhyaan). The details and import of these paths are well explained, with emphasis being given to the fact that, although differing in their approach and appealing to people of diverse natures, they all lead to the same goal of Self-Realization. The explanation of these paths is preceded by an elucidation of the central message of the Gita, which is that one should come to know one’s own true, essential nature as the immortal, indivisible Self which transcends both birth and death.

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita ends with a detailed account of seven selected verses from chapter II. These verses contain a definitive description of the eternal Self which resides in all human beings, and can neither kill nor be killed. The words of each verse are given, both in the Sanskrit alphabet and English transliteration, along with the meaning of each word and a translation of the verse as a whole.

This course is highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand and imbibe the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita!

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Comments from Graduates

The course evaluations that came back to us are all wonderful to hear. One student commented that the course was so compelling and interesting that she had a hard time putting it down once she started reading it. Another student from Florida summed it all up in one word: GREAT!  

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