Special Guidelines
8 Steps to Self Realization & 8 Reflections
on Meditation for Enlightenment

Download Sixteen MP3s recorded in the Himalayas!

This special series of recordings on Self Realization and Enlightenment was giving as part of our Satsang Podcast Program recorded in the Himalayas. These recordings encompass the key elements in the teachings of Yoga philosophy regarding your meditation practice and knowledge of the pure and free Self. They give you the step-by-step guidelines necessary to live in the Self-realized awareness.

Each MP3 is 15-20 minutes long. Just listen to them on your computer or Ipod in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere. These recordings are specially designed to allow you to meditate most deeply while listening and to easily bring forth the meditative awareness into your daily life. Through repeatedly listening to these talks you will gain the ability and focus to practice these teachings in your daily life. Then you can live your life free from stress and fear and with ease, peace,
balance, and love.

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8 Steps to Self-Realization & 8 Reflections on Meditation for Enlightenment, By Shree

Exploring your Real Self Through Meditation, by Brijendra

Eight Steps to Self-Realization with Shree

    1. Eight Steps to Self Realization
    2. Know that Peace is Unchanging
    3. Know the Knower of the Mind
    4. The Mind and the Self, Division and Oneness
    5. Choose the Self or Peace and Not the Mind
    6. Trust in the Self as the Solution
    7. Create Lightness in the Mind and Body
    8. You are Before Birth and After Death

Eight Reflections on Meditation for Enlightenment with Brijendra

  1. Before Space, Consciousness Is
  2. Meditation on the Mantra
  3. Meditate on Space Between Thoughts
  4. Space Knows Space
  5. Self is Infinite Dynamism
  6. Forgetfulness of the Self
  7. Self Never Comes, and Never Goes
  8. Meditate to Know the Pure and Free
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