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Himalayan Muse by Dattaa


Journey to the Source of Unstruck Sound


"I play this in my yoga class when people are coming in and setting up their mats and again at the end of class when people are leaving. It creates such a beautiful atmosphere in my class"

Maria D'Costa-Millward - Yoga Teacher, Brockville YMCA, ON

"Did yoga this morning to your CD, very lovely. Well done!"

Shanti - Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel, New Zealand

"Listening to your CD puts me in the deep space of pure bliss. It's amazing how I feel myself lifted into Oneness. Incredible!"

Dr Brian Sheen - Director, Quantum Healing Center, Delray Beach, FL


Dattaa/Alan Wade composed and recorded the background music you hear on the Transformation Meditation Infinite Peace CD. There has been so much positive feedback from people listening to this music and subsequent interest in hearing more of Dattaa's creations that he got inspired. You have before you the musical fruits of your sincere request for more - Himalayan Muse!

On Himalayan Muse you'll hear the musical pieces you're already familiar with, from listening to the Transformation Meditation CDs, plus you'll experience more compositions and extended sound spaces designed to create a meditative atmosphere in your professional and home environments. Dattaa has consciously created an inspired ebb and flow of songs, sound vibrations and musical performance to help you relax, release and meditate. Enjoy!

This music will be a very useful supplement for:

  • meditation teachers — to enliven their teaching sessions
  • yoga teachers — as background music in classes
  • meditators — to enhance their practice & lifestyle
  • musicians and music lovers — to help unfold highest awareness

All in all, Himalayan Muse makes for a very fulfilling journey to the absolute through the means of sound and song!


Have a listen!
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Music to Produce your own CD or DVD

You can license any of the music recorded by Dattaa on his Himalayan Muse CD to feature on your own self-produced CD, DVD or documentary film. Use it for intro/outro, background and ambiance throughout your CD/DVD production. Dattaa's music is also a great complement for your private sessions, classes, teaching programs and personal practice.

Just email us with your particular needs and we'll send you licensing info. Dattaa's relaxing and soothing music is the perfect adjunct for your relaxation, hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, exercise and new age media productions. You'll immediately recognize it - it's featured on all our teacher training CDs and Podcasts and it appears in several documentary films as well as audio and video recordings.


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