Love's Eternal Space
Enlightening Poetry, by Shree


These enlightening poems  inspire the reader to deepen their meditation practice through the direct experience of freedom and fulfilment. Written while engaged in Self-inquiry and meditation in the Himalayas of India, they express the aspirations of the seeker, journeying to find highest love and peacefulness.  Self is all-permeating. It just needs to be uncovered. This poetry empowers the unfoldment of knowing one's Self directly as pure, free and forever. The poet, Shree Sherrie Wade is Director of Transformation Meditation Online Institute.

These verses are really sublime—they beautifully express your very expanded vision and lift the soul of the reader to its heights. I'm always touched and moved by them

Shree has a way in these poems of taking the human emotion and bringing it to the higher truth of the Self.
Sita Rena, New Delhi, India

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Love's Eternal Space, by Shree
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Love's Eternal Space, by Shree
5.5" x 8.5"  (13.97 x 21.59 cm) 108 pages


Dearest Guru-ji: You are the first poet, the Pure God Being. All the words, sounds, and spaces come from You and you are Me. 

All love and appreciating for you most wonderful poetry and inspiration that allowed this book to manifest. Your Shree

This book has been opened, has become a book, only when it was printed it contains the poems. They turn your face and vision to see that which is the true Self, immortal, undying, and unchanging; pure, free and forever.   
Swami Shyam, Oct.2, 2012


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