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Overcome fear, anxiety and depression

Applying Meditative Awareness: 8 Solutions to Difficult Life Situations
Download Eight MP3s (20min. each) recorded in the Himalayas!

These recordings expand on the meditations that are given on the Iphone app.


This special series of recordings were given as part of our Satsang Podcast Program, by Shree, and are now available for you to download. They will assist you to easily overcome the resistance to meditation at any time and especially when you are caught in a problematic situation that seems insurmountable to your mind. Stopping your thoughts is not possible or necessary in order to meditate, but you have to know the proper technique and use it.

Through meditation the mind can be absorbed in the peacefulness that is hidden, yet forever shining within. Just like the sun is always shining, even when it appears to be covered by a cloud, the pure and free Self that you are is forever present. These meditations will uncover your hidden true Self and allow you to gain the power and energy in order to most effectively and efficiently deal with your problem or concern from a position of strength and higher wisdom. 

These recordings encompass the key elements in the teachings of meditation and yogic philosophy regarding how to apply meditation practice  to many of life's difficult situations. They give you the step-by-step guidelines necessary to live in the Self-realized awareness and to teach this to others.

Each MP3 is 20 minutes long. You can download them and listen on your computer, Ipod, cell phone, in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere. These recordings are specially designed to allow you to meditate most deeply while listening and to easily bring forth the meditative awareness into your daily life. Through repeatedly listening to these talks you can gain the ability and focus to live each day with meditative awareness. Then you can live your life free from stress and fear, and with ease, peace, and love.

  Applying Meditative Awareness: 
8 Solutions to Difficult Life Situations, by Shree
  1. Waking up in the morning: with anxiety and stress for the coming day
  2. Work difficulties: competition, sense of smallness, fairness, ego
  3. Health problem: illness, overweight, fear of death
  4. Financial worries: loss in the market, retirement, managing money
  5. Relationship problems: jealousy, fear of loss, unrequited love, attachment, aversion, fairness. Loss of a loved one.
  6. Family disputes: aging parents, children, sibling rivalry
  7. Legal problems: poor choices, future fears
  8. Falling asleep: racing mind, worries, fears, bad dreams.
  Applying Meditative Awareness:
8 Solutions to Difficult Life Situations, by Shree
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