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Patanjali Yoga Sutra Classes Recorded Live in the Himalayas
by Brijendra

I want to thank you, Brijendra, for the Patanjali class. You are brilliant, reflecting years of joyful and dedicated study and meditation that found their way to us in beautiful sentences, coming out of nowhere, and given to us in a elegant way. This kind of learning is the most beautiful. This class was one of the best I ever had (and I had a lot of classes).
— Jaap Voigt, Holland

Each session gives you an in-depth study of the specific sutra, or verse, and includes: Sanskrit pronunciation and chanting of the verse, the word-for-word English meaning, a commentary discussion and questions and answers. These MP3 recordings are available to you by download.

Listen to Brijendra as he spoke directly to his students giving them the in-depth study of the specific sutra or verse which includes: Sanskrit pronunciation and chanting of the verse, the word-for-word English meaning, the commentary discussion and questions and answers. These are unedited sessions recorded from his past classes. Each class MP3 recording is approximately 90 minutes.

Paad 1: Sutra 2
In this class on the most pertinent and relevant sutra of this entire work, yogash-chitt-vritti-nirodhaha, Brijendra presents the foundation of Patanjali Yog Darshan so that the student can understand the underpinnings of this teaching. This will serve in developing your ability to comprehend this sometimes seemingly complex system. This 90 minute class not only covers the specifics about this particular sutra but it will refine your thinking in terms of this system which reaches up into meditation and samaadhi. From this wonderful foundational understanding you can approach the whole Yog Darshan with clarity and the direct experience of the states of consciousness that are being discussed.
Paad 1: Sutra 3
In this class on the sutra, "tadaa drashtuh swaroopay'awasthaanam," Brijendra reveals how the practicing Yogi reaches the Vision of Oneness and remains established in his or her own true nature. This sutra, or verse, comes early on in the book as an inspiration for the student to know the outcome of this highest practice of meditation that is described in the second sutra. This third sutra describes the goal of all yoga practices, or yog saadhanaa, which results in:
“Then the Seer, the Knower, remains established in its true nature.”


We now have available: Patanjali Yoga Darshan, Samaadhi Paad 1: Sutra 2 or 3
Download the unedited class with Brijendra in MP3 format

Paad 1: Sutra 2

Paad 1: Sutra 3


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All of Brijendra’s most popular classes have been recorded over the last 10 years.
Upon special request you can order recordings of the live classes
on each individual Sutra of Patanjali.

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