The Rap of Ashtavakr-ji by Nirmala Mata Devi

The Ashtaavakr Gita (“Ashtaavakr’s Song”) is a dialogue between an enlightened sage (Ashtaavakr) and a famous king (Raja Janak). As the result of a curse put on him before birth, Ashtaavakr is a cripple with eight curves (which is the meaning of his name). Janak encounters the sage in a forest and, believing appearances, treats him with contempt. Ashtaavakr rapidly reveals his true status to the king, and Janak, realizing his own ignorance, asks Ashtaavakr how he too can come to know his own free, immortal Truth.

Through their dialogue, Self Knowledge, the ultimate purpose of human life, is described and explained.

Nirmala has realized the meaning of the scripture and has synthesized its hundreds of verses into rap, the dialect of our times. It’s a great creative triumph, and contemporary lovers of the eternal truth of Oneness will really get a kick out of it.

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