Self Realization Counseling Series
The Cause of Suffering and How to Remove it

by Shree

A human being suffers with physical or emotional pain, unhappiness and lack of fulfillment due to unending, unfulfilled desires and aspirations. Even when you become happy there can still be a fear that unhappiness will come in the future. You may fear that disease, pain or death will come one day to you and those you love and are attached to. Meditation practice and Self Realization removes this suffering through knowing the Knower of your mind, and unfolding the liberated state of awareness.

Every night when you go to sleep you are in deep sleep for some time. No matter what problems you had before you fell asleep, you are completely free from any and all problems in this deep sleep state. In deep sleep your conscious mind is not functioning and, yet, you remain alive. Your blood is circulating. Your digestion and respiration continue, without any conscious action, and you remain easy and blissful. A similar experience happens in the meditative awareness. You are in a state that is free from all problems and concerns and you are blissful. However, unlike sleep, you remain alert and aware. You are able to function perfectly in your daily activities.

Here are the 4 basic questions that aware seekers, on the path to Self Realization, ask followed by their answers:

1. Q: What is the experience that all human beings don't want?

A: Emotional upset, suffering, unhappiness, agitation and pain.

2. Q: What is the cause of this suffering?

A: Identification with the idea that one is limited, bound and ignorant of one's true Self, which is forever, pure, and free.

3. Q: Is there a solution available to overcome this problem of pain and suffering?

A: Yes, liberation from the limited human state of consciousness through realization of one's true Self.

4. Q: What are the means to adopt to attain this liberation?

A: Knowledge of your true Self through meditation, Self-enquiry and de-identification from one's limited thoughts and ideas.

These are the four principles in yogic thought. The first question asks the fundamental query in the aware seeker's mind: "Why do I suffer"? The answer is direct and simple. You no longer have to analyze, ad infinitum, as to the cause. When you continually analyze why you are suffering - past trauma? - upbringing? - fate? - something I ate? - it's never-ending and, ultimately, fruitless as more questions still arise. So the question is posed: “What is the essential cause of all suffering, and how can I remove it“?

These basic causes of suffering are the same for everyone. As soon as you wake up in the morning you are in the waking state of consciousness. The characteristic of the waking state is change! Sometimes you feel happy, even elated. Sometimes you feel peaceful and fulfilled - you realize your desires or achieve something - your preferences are met - your energy is high. And other times you feel worried, agitated, anxious, or even depressed - things don't go how you would like them to go - your energy is low, etc.

Suffering occurs when your system is depleted or unbalanced. It can happen from eating wrong food, thinking destructive thoughts, lack of sleep or exercise, etc. But,essentially, suffering stems from lack of meditative awareness and not tuning to one's source. When your energy is low or unbalanced your true Self is covered, or in darkness. This forgetfulness of the Self allows the negativity of the mind to affect you with destructive thoughts and overwhelming emotions. When you attune to the light of your true Self - the source of your life - your energy is balanced and you remain free from suffering. When there is darkness you don’t have to remove it or push it away, you just turn on the light of Self Awareness and it's dispelled.

This solution state is available to you. It's always there. In the yogic system there is only one cause of all suffering, and that is ignorance of Self. This cause is the ground, or field, from which all the other causes arise. Ignorance or forgetfulness of Self causes ego, attachment, aversion,  and the fear of pain and death. It is darkness.

Therefore, the solution is always to turn on the light of Self. Removing forgetfulness of Self - Knower - dissolves the darkness and removes the bondage of your thought processes. You rejoice in the light or bliss of your true Self - pure, free and forever. 

Shree is available for individual Self Realization sessions on Skype to help you to become aware of the identification with your mind and thoughts and to guide you to the knowledge of your true Self, forever one and blissful. It has been said that even a few sessions of Self Realization Counseling will break your chain of suffering and can give you more than you would get in many years of traditional psychotherapy.


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