Jai Jai Shyam — Songs from the Absolute Awareness
Music CD by Vidyaatma

This beautifully composed and eloquently produced music CD contains original English songs and traditional Indian chants and stotrams. It is wonderful for meditation and dissolving one's mental activity into the divine consciousness. The celestial singing comes from that absolute space and leads the attention into meditation on one's true Self, pure, free and forever.
At age 19 Anabel Littledale, trained as an actress, singer, and dancer, left her developing career in television, film, and theatre, (including the rock musical "Hair") to travel the world. While travelling she met her Guru Swami Shyam and was so taken with his teachings and practice of meditation that she followed him to India. At his hermitage in the Himalayas she has continued her practice of meditation and of unfolding the higher states of Awareness. Her expression of writing and singing came as a result of the peaceful states she has experienced.

The music on this CD is written mainly about Shyam, known in Hindu mythology as the blue black space perceived with the eyes closed. This Space is the background canvas and Source of all intelligence and manifestation that a human being sees, perceives, and experiences.

Shyam, Self, or Knower is the only state in a human being that doesn't change. Tuning in to our eternal, immortal, essence leaves one with infinite love, peace and freedom. It is through the brilliant and constant inspiration of her Guru, the living embodiment of Shyam, who taught her to put her attention on that space with closed eyes as a practice of meditation.

  Knowing the knowledge of her true nature has inspired her to write songs and melodies which unite the heart and mind. These songs open a timeless, formless reality, bringing great peace and relaxation to the mind and heart. This versatile tape is lovely to listen to whilst walking, driving, working, or sitting in the silent Space which lies behind these words.  
Listen to Some Sound Samples from the CD
Sample track : Jai Ganga Devi : words and music by Alex Christie. Lead Vocal by Vidyaatma. 12-string Guitar, Percussion and Vocals by Jerome Jarvis. Engineered by Malcolm Reid (Mayank) at Chaytan Studio, Kullu, India. (732 KB)      
Sample track: For Ages: words and music Vidyaatma, vocal by Vidyaatma. Mandolin and low clay pot by Jerome Jarvis. Guitar by Vidyaatma and Malcolm Reid. (429 KB)
Sample track: You Are A Flower: words and vocals by Vidyaatma. Guitar by Vidyaatma and Malcolm Reid. Flute by Beth Smolar. Bodran and keyboard bass by Jerome Jarvis. (742KB)
Music CD (mp3 format) by Vidyaatma
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